Commit 955093c9 authored by Erik Naggum's avatar Erik Naggum
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(command-line-1): --eval: Don't print the value.

parent d31d42cc
......@@ -101,8 +101,8 @@
;; --funcall FUNC and should not be used. (It's a typo
;; -e FUNC promoted to a feature.)
;; -eval FORM Execute Emacs lisp form FORM, and print
;; --eval FORM the value it returns.
;; -eval FORM Execute Emacs lisp form FORM.
;; --eval FORM
;; -insert FILE Insert the contents of FILE into buffer.
;; --insert FILE
......@@ -725,7 +725,7 @@ Type \\[describe-distribution] for information on getting the latest version."))
(setq tem argval)
(setq tem (car command-line-args-left))
(setq command-line-args-left (cdr command-line-args-left)))
(print (eval (read tem))))
(eval (read tem)))
;; Set the default directory as specified in -L.
((or (string-equal argi "-L")
(string-equal argi "-directory"))
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