Commit 9574d70f authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(edt-set-term-width-80, edt-set-term-width-132):

Terminal-specific functions.
Don't redefine edt-set-screen-width-80 and edt-set-screen-width-132.
parent a0ac0c19
......@@ -35,14 +35,13 @@
;; Get keyboard function key mapping to EDT keys.
(load "edt-lk201" nil t)
(defun edt-set-screen-width-80 ()
"Set screen width to 80 columns."
(vt100-wide-mode -1)
(message "Screen width 80"))
(defun edt-set-screen-width-132 ()
"Set screen width to 132 columns."
(vt100-wide-mode 1)
(message "Screen width 132"))
;; The following functions are called by the EDT screen width commands defined
;; in edt.el.
(defun edt-set-term-width-80 ()
"Set terminal width to 80 columns."
(vt100-wide-mode -1))
(defun edt-set-term-width-132 ()
"Set terminal width to 132 columns."
(vt100-wide-mode 1))
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