Commit 95765a6a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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src/w32.c (sys_umask) <WRITE_USER>: Remove redundant constant.

 src/w32.c (sys_umask) <WRITE_USER>: Remove redundant constant, and
 use S_IWRITE instead.
parent fd492166
2014-04-11 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32.c (sys_umask) <WRITE_USER>: Remove redundant constant, and
use S_IWRITE instead.
2014-04-11 Glenn Morris <>
* keyboard.c (Fopen_dribble_file): Make file private. (Bug#17187)
......@@ -5354,11 +5354,6 @@ utime (const char *name, struct utimbuf *times)
return 0;
/* Emacs expects us to support the traditional octal form of the mode
bits, which is not what msvcrt.dll wants. */
#define WRITE_USER 00200
sys_umask (int mode)
......@@ -5370,14 +5365,14 @@ sys_umask (int mode)
at all. */
/* FIXME: if the GROUP and OTHER bits are reset, we should use ACLs
to prevent access by other users on NTFS. */
if ((mode & WRITE_USER) != 0)
if ((mode & S_IWRITE) != 0)
arg |= S_IWRITE;
retval = _umask (arg);
/* Merge into the return value the bits they've set the last time,
which msvcrt.dll ignores and never returns. Emacs insists on its
notion of mask being identical to what we return. */
retval |= (current_mask & ~WRITE_USER);
retval |= (current_mask & ~S_IWRITE);
current_mask = mode;
return retval;
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