Commit 95a39dc5 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(xt_action_hook): Unset dragging so the reset does take place.

parent baa21c48
......@@ -3988,10 +3988,11 @@ xt_action_hook (widget, client_data, action_name, event, params,
w = XWINDOW (window_being_scrolled);
if (!NILP (XSCROLL_BAR (w->vertical_scroll_bar)->dragging))
XSCROLL_BAR (w->vertical_scroll_bar)->dragging = Qnil;
/* The thumb size is incorrect while dragging: fix it. */
set_vertical_scroll_bar (w);
XSCROLL_BAR (w->vertical_scroll_bar)->dragging = Qnil;
window_being_scrolled = Qnil;
last_scroll_bar_part = -1;
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