Commit 95e218af authored by Robert Pluim's avatar Robert Pluim

Use in nsm-tests

Winsock doesn't like "127.1"

* test/lisp/net/nsm-tests.el (nsm-check-local-subnet-ipv4): Spell
numeric localhost as "" instead of "127.1".
parent 384d1c47
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......@@ -42,11 +42,11 @@
(should-error (nsm-network-same-subnet local-ip wrong-length-mask remote-ip-yes))
(should (eq nil (nsm-network-same-subnet local-ip wrong-mask remote-ip-yes)))
(should (eq t (nsm-should-check "")))
(should (eq t (nsm-should-check "127.1")))
(should (eq t (nsm-should-check "")))
(should (eq t (nsm-should-check "localhost")))
(let ((nsm-trust-local-network t))
(should (eq t (nsm-should-check "")))
(should (eq nil (nsm-should-check "127.1")))
(should (eq nil (nsm-should-check "")))
(should (eq nil (nsm-should-check "localhost"))))))
;; FIXME This will never return true, since
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