Commit 95f5a37f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(line-move-partial): Optimize. Try window-line-height

before posn-at-point to get vpos of current line.
parent 7bbc67d2
......@@ -5,15 +5,15 @@
2006-09-18 Michael Kifer <>
* viper.el: Bumped up version/date of update to reflect the substantial
* viper.el: Bump up version/date of update to reflect the substantial
changes done in August 2006.
* viper-cmd (viper-next-line-at-bol): make sure button-at, push-button
* viper-cmd (viper-next-line-at-bol): Make sure button-at, push-button
are defined.
* ediff-util.el (ediff-add-to-history): new function.
* ediff-util.el (ediff-add-to-history): New function.
* ediff.el: use ediff-add-to-history instead of add-to-history.
* ediff.el: Use ediff-add-to-history instead of add-to-history.
2006-09-18 Wolfgang Jenkner <> (tiny change)
......@@ -3507,9 +3507,11 @@ Outline mode sets this."
;; If cursor is not in the bottom scroll margin, move forward.
((and (> vpos 0)
(< (setq ppos (posn-at-point)
py (cdr (or (posn-actual-col-row ppos)
(posn-col-row ppos))))
(< (setq py
(or (nth 1 (window-line-height))
(let ((ppos (posn-at-point)))
(cdr (or (posn-actual-col-row ppos)
(posn-col-row ppos))))))
(min (- (window-text-height) scroll-margin 1) (1- vpos))))
;; When already vscrolled, we vscroll some more if we can,
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