Commit 9617ce06 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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cp-valid-codes, cp-fix-safe-chars): Deleted.  Caller changed.
(cp-make-coding-system): Call define-coding-system.
parent 55bd52ea
......@@ -55,57 +55,10 @@
;;; Code:
(defun cp-make-translation-table (v)
"Return a translation table made from 128-long vector V.
V comprises characters encodable by mule-utf-8."
(let ((encoding-vector (make-vector 256 0)))
(dotimes (i 128)
(aset encoding-vector i i))
(dotimes (i 128)
(aset encoding-vector (+ i 128) (aref v i)))
(make-translation-table-from-vector encoding-vector)))
(defun cp-valid-codes (v)
"Derive a valid-codes list for translation vector V.
See `make-coding-system'."
(let (pairs
(i 128) ; index into v
(start 0) ; start of a valid range
(end 127)) ; end of a valid range
(while (< i 256)
(if (aref v (- i 128)) ; start or extend range
(setq end i)
(unless start (setq start i)))
(if start
(push (cons start end) pairs))
(setq start nil))
(setq i (1+ i)))
(if start (push (cons start end) pairs))
(nreverse pairs)))
(defun cp-fix-safe-chars (cs)
"Remove `char-coding-system-table' entries from previous definition of CS.
CS is a base coding system or alias."
(when (coding-system-p cs)
(let ((chars (coding-system-get cs 'safe-chars)))
(lambda (k v)
(if (and v (not (eq v t)))
(aset char-coding-system-table
(remq cs (aref char-coding-system-table v)))))
;; Fix things that have been, or might be done by codepage.el.
(eval-after-load "codepage"
(dolist (cs '(cp857 cp861 cp1253 cp852 cp866 cp437 cp855 cp869 cp775
cp862 cp864 cp1250 cp863 cp865 cp1251 cp737 cp1257 cp850
cp860 cp851 720))
(cp-fix-safe-chars cs))
;; Semi-dummy version for the stuff in codepage.el which we don't
;; define here. (Used by mule-diag.)
(defun cp-supported-codepages ()
......@@ -170,50 +123,30 @@ V is a 128-long vector of characters to translate the upper half of
the charactert set. DOC-STRING and MNEMONIC are used as the
corresponding args of `make-coding-system'. If MNEMONIC isn't given,
?* is used."
(let* ((encoder (intern (format "encode-%s" name)))
(decoder (intern (format "decode-%s" name)))
(read r1)
(if (r1 < 128) ;; ASCII
(r0 = ,(charset-id 'ascii))
(if (r1 < 160)
(r0 = ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-control))
(r0 = ,(charset-id 'eight-bit-graphic))))
(translate-character ,decoder r0 r1)
(write-multibyte-character r0 r1)
(read-multibyte-character r0 r1)
(translate-character ,encoder r0 r1)
(write-repeat r1)))))))
`(let ((translation-table (cp-make-translation-table ,v))
(codes (cp-valid-codes ,v)))
(define-translation-table ',decoder translation-table)
(define-translation-table ',encoder
(char-table-extra-slot translation-table 0))
(cp-fix-safe-chars ',name)
',name 4 ,(or mnemonic ?*)
(or ,doc-string (format "%s encoding" ',name))
(cons ,ccl-decoder ,ccl-encoder)
(list (cons 'safe-chars (get ',encoder 'translation-table))
(cons 'valid-codes codes)
(cons 'mime-charset ',name)))
(push (list ',name
nil ; charset list
(let (l) ; code range
(dolist (elt (reverse codes))
(push (cdr elt) l)
(push (car elt) l))
(list l)))
(define-charset ',name ""
:dimension 1
:code-space [ 0 255 ]
:ascii-compatible-p t
:map ,(let ((len 0)
(dotimes (i 128)
(if (aref v i) (setq len (1+ len))))
(setq map (make-vector (* len 2) nil))
(setq len 0)
(dotimes (i 128)
(when (aref v i)
(aset map len (+ 128 i))
(aset map (1+ len) (aref v i))
(setq len (+ len 2))))
(define-coding-system ',name
,(or doc-string "")
:coding-type 'charset
:mnemonic ,(or mnemonic ?*)
:charset-list '(,name)
:plist '(mime-charset ,name))))
;; These tables were mostly derived by running somthing like
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