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Document new features of Whitespace mode

* doc/emacs/display.texi (Useless Whitespace): Document
'whitespace-toggle-options' and the new 'big-indent' style.
Document 'whitespace-big-indent-regexp'.  Document the Global
Whitespace mode.
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......@@ -1164,12 +1164,15 @@ indicate-empty-lines t)}.
@cindex mode, Whitespace
@findex whitespace-mode
@vindex whitespace-style
@findex whitespace-toggle-options
Whitespace mode is a buffer-local minor mode that lets you
visualize many kinds of whitespace in the buffer, by either
drawing the whitespace characters with a special face or displaying
them as special glyphs. To toggle this mode, type @kbd{M-x
whitespace-mode}. The kinds of whitespace visualized are determined
by the list variable @code{whitespace-style}. Here is a partial list
by the list variable @code{whitespace-style}. Individual elements in
that list can be toggled on or off in the current buffer by typing
@w{@kbd{M-x whitespace-toggle-options}}. Here is a partial list
of possible elements (see the variable's documentation for the full
......@@ -1200,6 +1203,13 @@ Highlight newlines.
@item empty
Highlight empty lines.
@item big-indent
@vindex whitespace-big-indent-regexp
Highlight too-deep indentation. By default any sequence of at least 4
consecutive TAB characters or 32 consecutive SPC characters is
highlighted. To change that, customize the regular expression
@item space-mark
Draw space and non-breaking characters with a special glyph.
......@@ -1210,6 +1220,12 @@ Draw tab characters with a special glyph.
Draw newline characters with a special glyph.
@end table
@findex global-whitespace-toggle-options
@findex global-whitespace-mode
Global Whitespace mode is a global minor mode that lets you visualize
whitespace in all buffers. To toggle individual features, use
@kbd{M-x global-whitespace-toggle-options}.
@node Selective Display
@section Selective Display
@cindex selective display
......@@ -919,9 +919,11 @@ use PDF instead of DVI.
`prettify-symbols-mode' in a tex-mode buffer, \alpha ... \omega, and
many other math macros are displayed using unicode characters.
** whitespace-mode: new 'big-indent style highlighting too much indentation.
By default, 32 spaces and four TABs are considered to be too much but
`whitespace-big-indent-regexp' can be configured to change that.
** New `big-indent' style in `whitespace-mode' highlights deep indentation.
By default, 32 consecutive spaces or four consecutive TABs are
considered to be too deep, but the new variable
`whitespace-big-indent-regexp' can be customized to change that.
** tildify: `tildify-space-string', `tildify-pattern', and
`tildify-foreach-region-function' variables added making
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