Commit 966052cb authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Remove remaining XEmacs compat code from erc-log.el

* lisp/erc/erc-log.el (erc-save-buffer-in-logs): Remove XEmacs
compat code.
parent ea218f42
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......@@ -414,8 +414,7 @@ You can save every individual message by putting this function on
(or buffer (setq buffer (current-buffer)))
(when (erc-logging-enabled buffer)
(let ((file (erc-current-logfile buffer))
(coding-system erc-log-file-coding-system)
(inhibit-clash-detection t)) ; needed for XEmacs
(coding-system erc-log-file-coding-system))
(with-current-buffer buffer
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