Commit 9671650a authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Wait for async DNS to complete before freeing resources

* src/process.c (Fdelete_process): Wait for async DNS to
complete before freeing the data structures it needs.
parent f195dd69
......@@ -845,8 +845,24 @@ nil, indicating the current buffer's process. */)
if (p->dns_request)
int ret;
gai_cancel (p->dns_request);
free_dns_request (process);
ret = gai_error (p->dns_request);
if (ret == EAI_CANCELED || ret == 0)
free_dns_request (process);
/* If we're called during shutdown, we don't really about
freeing all the resources. Otherwise wait until
completion, and then free the request. */
if (! inhibit_sentinels)
gai_suspend ((const struct gaicb * const*)&p->dns_request,
1, NULL);
free_dns_request (process);
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