Commit 96a8a0df authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/minibuffer.el (completion--replace): Inherit surrounding properties.

(minibuffer-complete-and-exit): Use it.

Fixes: debbugs:114
parent 8b79f3e0
2011-10-17 Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuffer.el (completion--replace): Inherit surrounding properties
(minibuffer-complete-and-exit): Use it.
* comint.el (comint--table-subvert): Quote the all-completions output
......@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ Moves point to the end of the new text."
(setq end (- end suffix-len))
(setq newtext (substring newtext 0 (- suffix-len))))
(goto-char beg)
(insert newtext)
(insert-and-inherit newtext)
(delete-region (point) (+ (point) (- end beg)))
(forward-char suffix-len)))
......@@ -927,9 +927,7 @@ If `minibuffer-completion-confirm' is `confirm-after-completion',
;; file, so `try-completion' actually completes to
;; that file.
(= (length string) (length compl)))
(goto-char end)
(insert compl)
(delete-region beg end))))
(completion--replace beg end compl))))
((memq minibuffer-completion-confirm '(confirm confirm-after-completion))
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