Commit 96ad4c35 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* files.el (delete-directory): New defun. The original function

in fileio.c has been renamed to `delete-directory-internal'.
parent 56808ea0
......@@ -4631,6 +4631,38 @@ this happens by default."
(while create-list
(make-directory-internal (car create-list))
(setq create-list (cdr create-list))))))))
(defun delete-directory (directory &optional recursive)
"Delete the directory named DIRECTORY. Does not follow symlinks.
If RECURSIVE is non-nil, all files in DIRECTORY are deleted as well."
(let ((dir (expand-file-name
"Delete directory: "
default-directory default-directory nil nil))))
(list dir
(if (directory-files
dir nil "^\\([^.]\\|\\.\\([^.]\\|\\..\\)\\).*")
(format "Directory `%s' is not empty, really delete? " dir))
;; If default-directory is a remote directory,
;; make sure we find its delete-directory handler.
(setq directory (directory-file-name (expand-file-name directory)))
(let ((handler (find-file-name-handler directory 'delete-directory)))
(if handler
(funcall handler 'delete-directory directory recursive)
(if (and recursive (not (file-symlink-p directory)))
(lambda (file)
(if (file-directory-p file)
(delete-directory file recursive)
(delete-file file)))
;; We do not want to delete "." and "..".
directory 'full "^\\([^.]\\|\\.\\([^.]\\|\\..\\)\\).*")))
(delete-directory-internal directory))))
(put 'revert-buffer-function 'permanent-local t)
(defvar revert-buffer-function nil
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