Commit 96adeb99 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(browse-url): New function.

(browse-url-CCI-host): New variable.
(browse-url-at-mouse): Added event-buffer and event-point
functions for XEmacs compatibility.
(browse-url-file-url): Check for EFS after alist, URL-encode
special chars.
(browse-url-grail): New function.
(browse-url-interactive-arg): Add new-window logic.
(browse-url-looking-at): Fixed.
(browse-url-lynx-xterm): New function.
(browse-url-lynx-emacs): Use term.el instead of terminal.el.
(browse-url-netscape): Contact/start Netscape in the
background.  Multi-display support.  Renamed
browse-url-netscape-send.  URL-encode comma.
(browse-url-netscape-command): New variable.
(browse-url-netscape-startup-arguments): New variable.
(browse-url-url-at-point): Improved matching to supply missing
Other fixes for byte-compilation.
parent bfc6cac9
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