Commit 96b6e243 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Clarify TRAMP process-environment interaction (Bug#30419)

* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Remote processes): Index the
tramp-remote-process-environment description.  Clarify the effects of
let-binding process-environment and the motivation for that behavior.
parent 4fa467ee
......@@ -2596,6 +2596,7 @@ upon first connection. Alternatively, use an absolute path or extend
@end group
@end lisp
@vindex tramp-remote-process-environment
Customize user option @option{tramp-remote-process-environment} to
suit the remote program's environment for the remote host.
@option{tramp-remote-process-environment} is a list of strings
......@@ -2641,11 +2642,13 @@ this. You could overwrite this behavior by evaluating
@end group
@end lisp
@value{tramp} does not use the defaults specified in
@code{process-environment} for running @code{process-file} or
@code{start-file-process} on remote hosts. When values from
@code{process-environment} are needed for remote processes, then set
them as follows:
In addition to @option{tramp-remote-process-environment}, you can set
environment variables for invidivual remote process calls by
let-binding @code{process-environment}. @value{tramp} will apply any
entries which are not present in the global default value of
@code{process-environment} (overriding
@option{tramp-remote-process-environment} settings, if they conflict).
For example:
......@@ -2654,8 +2657,10 @@ them as follows:
@end group
@end lisp
This works only for environment variables not already set in the
Let-binding in this way works regardless of whether the process to be
called is local or remote, since @value{tramp} would add just the
@env{HGPLAIN} setting and local processes would take whole value of
@code{process-environment} along with the new value of @env{HGPLAIN}.
For integrating other Emacs packages so @value{tramp} can execute
remotely, please file a bug report. @xref{Bug Reports}.
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