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Update nt/INSTALL.

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......@@ -110,12 +110,14 @@
WinZip is known to create some subtle and hard to debug problems,
such as converting files to DOS CR-LF format, not creating empty
directories, etc. We suggest to use djtarnt.exe from the GNU FTP
site. For modern formats, such as .tar.xz, we suggest bsdtar.exe
from the libarchive package; its precompiled Windows binaries are
available from this site:
In addition to this file, you should also read INSTALL.BZR in the
parent directory, and make sure that you have a version of
"touch.exe" in your path, and that it will create files that do not
yet exist.
In addition to this file, if you build a development snapshot, you
should also read INSTALL.BZR in the parent directory.
* Supported development environments
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