Commit 9719d4f7 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(add_user_signal): Fix typo in extern.

parent 864660a2
......@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ extern void gen_help_event P_ ((Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object,
extern void kbd_buffer_store_help_event P_ ((Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
extern Lisp_Object menu_item_eval_property P_ ((Lisp_Object));
extern int kbd_buffer_events_waiting P_ ((int));
extern void add_user_signals P_ ((int, const char *));
extern void add_user_signal P_ ((int, const char *));
extern int tty_read_avail_input P_ ((struct terminal *, int,
struct input_event *));
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