Commit 97733c3d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(custom-bury-buffer): Function deleted.

(custom-buffer-done-function): Option deleted.
(custom-buffer-done-kill): New (replacement option.
(Custom-buffer-done): Call quit-window.
(custom-buffer-create-internal): Update for above changes.
parent 6de38aa3
......@@ -1180,19 +1180,10 @@ links: groups have links to subgroups."
(const links))
:group 'custom-buffer)
;; If we pass BUFFER to `bury-buffer', the buffer isn't removed from
;; the window.
(defun custom-bury-buffer (buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer
(defcustom custom-buffer-done-function 'custom-bury-buffer
"*Function called to remove a Custom buffer when the user is done with it.
Called with one argument, the buffer to remove."
:type '(choice (function-item :tag "Bury buffer" custom-bury-buffer)
(function-item :tag "Kill buffer" kill-buffer)
(function :tag "Other"))
:version "21.1"
(defcustom custom-buffer-done-kill nil
"*Non-nil means exiting a Custom buffer should kill it."
:type 'boolean
:version "21.4"
:group 'custom-buffer)
(defcustom custom-buffer-indent 3
......@@ -1262,9 +1253,9 @@ This button will have a menu with all three reset operations."
:group 'custom-buffer)
(defun Custom-buffer-done (&rest ignore)
"Remove current buffer by calling `custom-buffer-done-function'."
"Exit current Custom buffer according to `custom-buffer-done-kill'."
(funcall custom-buffer-done-function (current-buffer)))
(quit-window custom-buffer-done-kill))
(defcustom custom-raised-buttons (not (equal (face-valid-attribute-values :box)
'(("unspecified" . unspecified))))
......@@ -1350,13 +1341,9 @@ Un-customize all values in this buffer. They get their standard settings."
:tag "Finish"
(lambda (&rest ignore)
((eq custom-buffer-done-function
"Bury this buffer")
((eq custom-buffer-done-function 'kill-buffer)
"Kill this buffer")
(t "Finish with this buffer")))
(if custom-buffer-done-kill
"Kill this buffer"
"Bury this buffer"))
:action #'Custom-buffer-done)
(widget-insert "\n\n")
(message "Creating customization items...")
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