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New variable `image-load-path'.

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......@@ -4606,6 +4606,17 @@ When you click the mouse when the mouse pointer is over a hot-spot,
an event is composed by combining the ID of the hot-spot with the
mouse event, e.g. [area4 mouse-1] if the hot-spot's ID is `area4'.
*** The function `find-image' now searches in etc/images/ and etc/.
The new variable `image-load-path' is a list of locations in which to
search for image files. The default is to search in etc/images, then
in etc/, and finally in the directories specified by `load-path'.
Subdirectories of etc/ and etc/images are not recursively searched; if
you put an image file in a subdirectory, you have to specify it
explicitly; for example, if an image is put in etc/images/foo/bar.xpm:
(defimage foo-image '((:type xpm :file "foo/bar.xpm")))
** Mouse pointer features:
+++ (lispref)
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