Commit 97a424b8 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(pmail-search): Call pmail-swap-buffers-maybe.

parent f520a2c6
......@@ -3128,9 +3128,16 @@ See also user-option `pmail-confirm-expunge'."
"Erase deleted messages from Pmail file and summary buffer."
(when (pmail-expunge-confirmed)
(pmail-only-expunge dont-show)
(if (pmail-summary-exists)
(pmail-select-summary (pmail-update-summary)))))
(let ((old-total pmail-total-messages)
(opoint (with-current-buffer pmail-buffer
(when pmail-buffers-swapped-p
(pmail-only-expunge dont-show)
(if (pmail-summary-exists)
(pmail-select-summary (pmail-update-summary))
(pmail-show-message pmail-current-message)
(if (and (eq old-total pmail-total-messages) opoint)
(goto-char opoint))))))
;;;; *** Pmail Mailing Commands ***
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