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Copyedit for previous doc/emacs/building.texi change

parent 1e10b161
......@@ -1365,9 +1365,10 @@ than @file{@var{lib}.elc}, it issues a warning, in case someone made
changes to the @file{.el} file and forgot to recompile it, but loads
the @file{.elc} file anyway. (Due to this behavior, you can save
unfinished edits to Emacs Lisp source files, and not recompile until
your changes are ready for use.) However setting
@code{load-prefer-newer} to a non-@code{nil} value will Emacs load the
newest version of the file found.
your changes are ready for use.) If you set the option
@code{load-prefer-newer} to a non-@code{nil} value, however, then
rather than the procedure described above, Emacs loads whichever
version of the file is newest.
Emacs Lisp programs usually load Emacs Lisp files using the
@code{load} function. This is similar to @code{load-library}, but is
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