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Mention changes in cmuscheme.

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......@@ -1750,6 +1750,22 @@ This was actually done in Emacs-21.1, and was not documented.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 22.1:
** Changes to cmuscheme
*** Emacs now offers to start Scheme if the user tries to
evaluate a Scheme expression but no Scheme subprocess is running.
*** If a file `.emacs_NAME' (where NAME is the name of the Scheme interpreter)
exists in the user's home directory or in `user-emacs-directory', its
contents are sent to the Scheme subprocess upon startup.
*** There are new commands to instruct the Scheme interpreter to trace
procedure calls (`scheme-trace-procedure') and to expand syntactic forms
(`scheme-expand-current-form'). The commands actually sent to the Scheme
subprocess are controlled by the user options `scheme-trace-command',
`scheme-untrace-command' and `scheme-expand-current-form'.
** Makefile mode has submodes for automake, gmake, makepp and BSD make.
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