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* doc/misc/dbus.texi (Introspection): Update URL to a less defunct one.

parent f0a77200
2013-07-03 Glenn Morris <>
* dbus.texi (Introspection): Update URL to a less defunct one.
* pgg.texi (Top, Overview): Add note about obsolescence.
* bovine.texi (top):
......@@ -403,8 +403,11 @@ Every dictionary entry has a string as key, and a variant as value.
The interface offers also a signal, which returns 2 parameters: an
integer, and an array consisting of elements which are a struct of a
string and 2 boolean values.@footnote{ The interfaces of the service
@samp{org.freedesktop.Hal} are described at
@samp{org.freedesktop.Hal} are described in
@c Previous link is gone. Since HAL is now obsolete, and this URL
@c this one (unchanged in ~ 4 years) feels like it might go too...
the HAL specification}.}
@end defun
@defun dbus-introspect-xml bus service path
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