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......@@ -1409,6 +1409,11 @@ appointments, paydays or anything else using a sexp.
year and day number, and moves to that date. Negative day numbers
count backward from the end of the year.
** The functions `holiday-easter-etc' and `holiday-advent' now take
arguments, and only report on the specified holiday rather than all.
This makes customization of the variable `christian-holidays' simpler,
but existing customizations may need to be updated.
** The function `simple-diary-display' now by default sets a header line.
This can be controlled through the variables `diary-header-line-flag'
and `diary-header-line-format'.
2004-09-23 H,Ae(Bkon Malmedal <>
* calendar/holidays.el (holiday-advent): Report on a specified day
offset from advent, not just advent.
(holiday-easter-etc): Report on one specified day offset from
easter, not all easter holidays. Various Easter holidays moved to
`christian-holidays' variable in calendar.el.
* calendar/calendar.el (christian-holidays): Adapt for new
behaviour of `holiday-advent' and `holiday-easter-etc' functions.
2004-09-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* image.el (insert-sliced-image): Add doc string.
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