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; * etc/NEWS: Announce the change in json.c behavior on MS-Windows.

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......@@ -3538,6 +3538,14 @@ To turn this on, set the variable 'w32-use-native-image-API' to a
non-nil value. Please report any bugs you find while using the native
image API via 'M-x report-emacs-bug'.
** Native JSON functions now signal an error if libjansson is unavailable.
This affects 'json-serialize', 'json-insert', 'json-parse-srtring',
and 'json-parse-buffer'. This can happen if Emacs was compiled with
libjansson, but the DLL cannot be found and/or loaded by Emacs at run
time. Previously, Emacs would display a message and return nil in
these cases.
** The user option 'make-pointer-invisible' is now honored on macOS.
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