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Document `blink-cursor-blinks'.

* doc/emacs/display.texi (Cursor Display): Document `blink-cursor-blinks'.
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2013-12-20 Tassilo Horn <>
* display.texi (Cursor Display): Document `blink-cursor-blinks'.
* buffers.texi: Update list-buffers "screeshop" to show Messages
as major-mode.
* entering.texi: Document `initial-buffer-choice' changes.
* misc.texi (arguments): Document `initial-buffer-choice' changes.
* misc.texi (emacsclient Options): Document
`initial-buffer-choice' changes.
* help.texi: Document that `?' now also shows subcommands of
prefix keys.
......@@ -1473,8 +1473,12 @@ pixels tall), or @code{nil} (no cursor at all).
@findex blink-cursor-mode
@cindex cursor, blinking
@cindex blinking cursor
@vindex blink-cursor-mode
@vindex blink-cursor-blinks
@vindex blink-cursor-alist
To disable cursor blinking, change the variable
By default, the cursor stops blinking after 10 blinks. This can be
changed by customizing the variable @code{blink-cursor-blinks}. To
disable cursor blinking altogether, change the variable
@code{blink-cursor-mode} to @code{nil} (@pxref{Easy Customization}),
or add the line @code{(blink-cursor-mode 0)} to your init file.
Alternatively, you can change how the cursor looks when it ``blinks
......@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ selected among several alternatives, as a matter of user preference.
** New hooks `focus-in-hook', `focus-out-hook'.
These are normal hooks run when an Emacs frame gains or loses input focus.
** The blink cursor stops blinking after 10 blinks (default) on X and NS.
You can change the default by customizing the variable blink-cursor-blinks.
Also timers for blinking are stopped when no blinking is done, so Emacs does
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