Commit 98228e72 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(unwind_request_sigio): Only define if __ultrix__.

parent 1baf6db9
2007-10-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* process.c (unwind_request_sigio): Only define if __ultrix__.
* callproc.c (child_setup): Remove spurious *.
* lisp.h (Fget_text_property): Declare.
......@@ -2683,6 +2683,7 @@ OPTION is not a supported option, return nil instead; otherwise return t. */)
/* A version of request_sigio suitable for a record_unwind_protect. */
#ifdef __ultrix__
static Lisp_Object
unwind_request_sigio (dummy)
Lisp_Object dummy;
......@@ -2691,6 +2692,7 @@ unwind_request_sigio (dummy)
request_sigio ();
return Qnil;
/* Create a network stream/datagram client/server process. Treated
exactly like a normal process when reading and writing. Primary
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