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From David Ponce: document segfaults with the Linux kernels that

enable the Exec-shield functionality.
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2003-11-03 David Ponce <>
* PROBLEMS: Document segfaults with Linux kernels that enable the
Exec-shield functionality.
2003-10-30 Kenichi Handa <>
* HELLO: Fix cases of language names. Make German lines one.
This file describes various problems that have been encountered
in compiling, installing and running GNU Emacs.
* Segfault on GNU/Linux using certain recent versions of the Linux kernel.
With certain recent Linux kernels (like the one of Redhat Fedora Core
1), the new "Exec-shield" functionality is enabled by default, which
creates a different memory layout that breaks the emacs dumper.
You can check the Exec-shield state like this:
cat /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield
It returns 1 or 2 when Exec-shield is enabled, 0 otherwise. Please
read your system documentation for more details on Exec-shield and
associated commands.
When Exec-shield is enabled, building Emacs will segfault during the
execution of this command:
temacs --batch --load loadup [dump|bootstrap]
To work around this problem, it is necessary to temporarily disable
Exec-shield while building Emacs, using the `setarch' command like
setarch i386 ./configure <configure parameters>
setarch i386 make <make parameters>
* Characters are displayed as empty boxes or with wrong font under X.
This can occur when two different versions of FontConfig are used.
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