Commit 985584ae authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Make a self-contained ns build able to find its own libexec directory


* src/nsterm.m (ns_init_paths):
Put "libexec" before "bin", for the sake of init_callproc_1.
parent 4374de83
2012-05-14 Glenn Morris <>
* nsterm.m (ns_init_paths): Fix typo ("libexec" not "lib-exec").
Put "libexec" before "bin", for the sake of init_callproc_1.
2012-05-14 Paul Eggert <>
......@@ -338,11 +338,18 @@ Updated by Christian Limpach (
/*NSLog (@"loadPath: '%@'\n", resourcePaths); */
/* Normally, Emacs does not add its own bin/ directory to the PATH.
However, a self-contained NS build has a different layout, with
bin/ and libexec/ subdirectories in the directory that contains itself.
We put libexec first, because init_callproc_1 uses the first
element to initialize exec-directory. An alternative would be
for init_callproc to check for invocation-directory/libexec. */
if (!getenv ("EMACSPATH"))
NSArray *paths = [binDir stringsByAppendingPaths:
[NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"bin",
@"libexec", nil]];
[NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"libexec",
@"bin", nil]];
NSEnumerator *pathEnum = [paths objectEnumerator];
resourcePaths = @"";
while (resourcePath = [pathEnum nextObject])
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