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Mention view-emacs-problems.

parent 036480cb
......@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ Display documentation of the current major mode (@code{describe-mode}).
@item C-h n
Display documentation of Emacs changes, most recent first
@item C-h P
Display info on known problems with Emacs and possible workarounds
@item C-h p
Find packages by topic keyword (@code{finder-by-keyword}).
@item C-h s
......@@ -463,6 +466,8 @@ actually @kbd{C-M-h}, which marks a defun.)
@findex describe-no-warranty
@kindex C-h C-p
@findex describe-project
@kindex C-h P
@findex view-emacs-problems
The other @kbd{C-h} options display various files of useful
information. @kbd{C-h C-w} displays the full details on the complete
absence of warranty for GNU Emacs. @kbd{C-h n} (@code{view-emacs-news})
......@@ -476,4 +481,7 @@ conditions you must obey in distributing copies of Emacs. @kbd{C-h C-d}
(@code{describe-distribution}) displays the file
@file{emacs/etc/DISTRIB}, which tells you how you can order a copy of
the latest version of Emacs. @kbd{C-h C-p} (@code{describe-project})
displays general information about the GNU Project.
displays general information about the GNU Project. @kbd{C-h P}
(@code{view-emacs-problems}) displays the file
@file{emacs/etc/PROBLEMS}, which lists known problems with Emacs in
various situations with solutions or workarounds in many cases.
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