Commit 9893229f authored by Bastien Guerry's avatar Bastien Guerry
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Fix major bug in the Org>ODT exporter.

parent 2a88ee23
2012-05-25 Mark Shoulson <> (tiny change)
* org.el (org-fontify-entities): Fix bug: The entities \sup[123]
and \there4 were not "prettified" when org-pretty-entities was
2012-05-235 Nicolas Goaziou <>
* org.el (org-font-lock-add-priority-faces): Restrict priorities
fontification to headlines and inlinetasks.
2012-05-25 Jambunathan K <>
* org-odt.el (org-odt-init-outfile): Fix previous commit. Make
sure that nxml-mode is loaded before let-binding
2012-05-25 Jambunathan K <>
* org-odt.el (org-odt-init-outfile)
......@@ -2211,9 +2211,9 @@ captions on export.")
(content-file (expand-file-name "content.xml" outdir)))
;; init conten.xml
(require 'nxml-mode)
(let ((nxml-auto-insert-xml-declaration-flag nil))
(find-file-noselect content-file t)))
(find-file-noselect content-file t))
;; reset variables
(setq org-odt-manifest-file-entries nil
......@@ -5917,7 +5917,7 @@ needs to be inserted at a specific position in the font-lock sequence.")
(when org-pretty-entities
(catch 'match
(while (re-search-forward
limit t)
(if (and (not (org-in-indented-comment-line))
(setq ee (org-entity-get (match-string 1)))
......@@ -5990,6 +5990,7 @@ When FACE-OR-COLOR is not a string, just return it."
(defun org-font-lock-add-priority-faces (limit)
"Add the special priority faces."
(while (re-search-forward "\\[#\\([A-Z0-9]\\)\\]" limit t)
(when (save-match-data (org-at-heading-p))
(match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)
(list 'face (or (org-face-from-face-or-color
......@@ -5997,7 +5998,7 @@ When FACE-OR-COLOR is not a string, just return it."
(cdr (assoc (char-after (match-beginning 1))
'font-lock-fontified t))))
'font-lock-fontified t)))))
(defun org-get-tag-face (kwd)
"Get the right face for a TODO keyword KWD.
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