Commit 98961e08 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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Change log entry reconstructed from commit message.

parent 4ac3afb9
2004-11-06 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/easymenu.el (easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name): Remove.
(easy-menu-lookup-name): New fun to replace it.
(easy-menu-get-map): Use it to obey menu item names (rather than just
keys) when looking up `path'.
(easy-menu-always-true-p): Rename from easy-menu-always-true.
(easy-menu-convert-item-1): Adjust to new name.
2004-11-06 Peter Heslin <> (tiny change)
* outline.el (hide-body): Don't hide lines at the top of the file
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