Commit 98a5958f authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Explain ad-hoc multi-hop in the Tramp Quick Start Guide

* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Quick Start Guide): New section "Combining
@option{ssh} or @option{plink} with @option{su} or @option{sudo}".
parent dcfe1c4a
......@@ -467,6 +467,27 @@ The method @option{sg} stands for ``switch group''; the changed group
must be used here as user name. The default host name is the same.
@anchor{Quick Start Guide: @option{ssh}, @option{plink}, @option{su}, @option{sudo} and @option{sg} methods}
@section Combining @option{ssh} or @option{plink} with @option{su} or @option{sudo}
@cindex method @option{ssh}
@cindex @option{ssh} method
@cindex method @option{plink}
@cindex @option{plink} method
@cindex method @option{su}
@cindex @option{su} method
@cindex method @option{sudo}
@cindex @option{sudo} method
If the @option{su} or @option{sudo} option shall be performed on
another host, it could be comnbined with a leading @option{ssh} or
@option{plink} option. That means, @value{tramp} connects first to
the other host with non-administrative credentials, and changes to
administrative credentials on that host afterwards. In a simple case,
the syntax looks like
@xref{Ad-hoc multi-hops}.
@anchor{Quick Start Guide: @option{sudoedit} method}
@section Using @command{sudoedit}
@cindex method @option{sudoedit}
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