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(Misc File Ops): Document set-file-modes.

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......@@ -1580,6 +1580,18 @@ a relative name as the target of the link.
Not all systems support symbolic links; on systems that don't
support them, this command is not defined.
@findex set-file-modes
@cindex file modes
@cindex file permissions
@kbd{M-x set-file-modes} reads a file name followed by a @dfn{file
mode}, and applies that file mode to the specified file. File modes,
also called @dfn{file permissions}, determine whether a file can be
read, written to, or executed, and by whom. This command reads file
modes using the same symbolic or octal format accepted by the
@command{chmod} command; for instance, @samp{u+x} means to add
execution permission for the user who owns the file. It has no effect
on operating systems that do not support file modes.
@node Compressed Files
@section Accessing Compressed Files
@cindex compression
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