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Change to macro, and return nil if there was no match at the specified depth.

parent 73d2bf95
......@@ -826,19 +826,20 @@ Wildcards and redirection are handled as usual in the shell."
(defmacro save-match-data (&rest body)
"Execute the BODY forms, restoring the global value of the match data."
(let ((original (make-symbol "match-data")))
'let (list (list original '(match-data)))
(list 'unwind-protect
(cons 'progn body)
(list 'store-match-data original)))))
(defun match-string (n &optional string)
"Return the Nth subexpression matched by the last regexp search or match.
If the last search or match was done against a string,
specify that string as the second argument STRING."
(if string
(substring string (match-beginning n) (match-end n))
(buffer-substring (match-beginning n) (match-end n))))
(list 'let (list (list original '(match-data)))
(list 'unwind-protect
(cons 'progn body)
(list 'store-match-data original)))))
(defmacro match-string (num &optional string)
"Return string of text matched by last search.
NUM specifies which parenthesized expression in the last regexp.
Value is nil if NUMth pair didn't match, or there were less than NUM pairs.
Zero means the entire text matched by the whole regexp or whole string.
STRING should be given if the last search was by `string-match' on STRING."
(list 'and (list 'match-beginning num)
(append (if string (list 'substring string) '(buffer-substring))
(list (list 'match-beginning num) (list 'match-end num)))))
(defun shell-quote-argument (argument)
"Quote an argument for passing as argument to an inferior shell."
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