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Mention limiting number of bugs displayed on web-page.

parent 309c7698
......@@ -209,3 +209,15 @@ it), it will be rejected. To make any changes, you must unarchive it first:
unarchive 123
The bug will be re-archived after the next 28 day period of no activity.
** The web-page with the list of bugs is slow to load
It's a function of the number of displayed bugs. You can speed things
up by only looking at the newest 100 bugs:;package=emacs
The above page is accessible from the "Options" section at the end of
the "main list of bugs" page. Select bugs "in package" = emacs;
"newest bugs" = 100. (I have no idea how you get to that Options
section without having to go through the bug list page first...)
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