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Document Windows font selection quirks

* doc/emacs/msdos.texi (Windows Fonts): Document
'w32-use-w32-font-dialog' and 'w32-fixed-font-alist'.
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......@@ -1133,6 +1133,15 @@ file. (If the function returns @code{nil}, you have no fonts
installed that can display characters from the scripts which need this
@vindex w32-use-w32-font-dialog
@vindex w32-fixed-font-alist
The variable @code{w32-use-w32-font-dialog} controls the way fonts can
be selected via @kbd{S-mouse-1} (@code{mouse-appearance-menu}). If
the value is @code{t}, the default, Emacs uses the standard Windows
font selection dialog. If the value is @code{nil}, Emacs instead pops
a menu of a fixed set of fonts. The fonts to appear in the menu are
determined by @code{w32-fixed-font-alist}.
@node Windows Misc
@section Miscellaneous Windows-specific features
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