Commit 99be0aba authored by Eric Abrahamsen's avatar Eric Abrahamsen

Check gnus-newsgroup-dependencies is hash table in gnus-id-to-thread

* lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-id-to-thread): If dependencies haven't
  been initialized yet, don't blow up. Mimicks previous (non hasht
  table) behavior.
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......@@ -4750,7 +4750,8 @@ If LINE, insert the rebuilt thread starting on line LINE."
(defun gnus-id-to-thread (id)
"Return the (sub-)thread where ID appears."
(gethash id gnus-newsgroup-dependencies))
(when (hash-table-p gnus-newsgroup-dependencies)
(gethash id gnus-newsgroup-dependencies)))
(defun gnus-id-to-article (id)
"Return the article number of ID."
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