Commit 99edd7ed authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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Fix character constants.

parent 4a723805
......@@ -2093,9 +2093,9 @@ expressions; a `progn' form will be returned enclosing these forms."
(def-edebug-spec edebug-\` (def-form))
;; Assume immediate quote in unquotes mean backquote at next higher level.
(def-edebug-spec , (&or ("quote" edebug-`) def-form))
(def-edebug-spec , (&or ("quote" edebug-\`) def-form))
(def-edebug-spec ,@ (&define ;; so (,@ form) is never wrapped.
&or ("quote" edebug-`) def-form))
&or ("quote" edebug-\`) def-form))
;; New byte compiler.
(def-edebug-spec defsubst defun)
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