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(widgets) [defgroup]: Remove url link.

(widget-color-choice-list, widget-color-history, widget-mouse-help):
(widget-specify-field, widget-specify-button): Don't use
widget-mouse-help as help-echo property.
(default): Use #'ignore for :validate and :mouse-down-action.
(checkbox): Add help-echo.
(widget-sexp-validate): Rewritten to clarify error messages.
(character): Use char-valid-p in :match function.
(widget-color-complete): Use facemenu-color-alist.
(widget-color-action): Use facemenu-read-color.
parent 1dffc5db
;;; wid-edit.el --- Functions for creating and using widgets.
;; Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Per Abrahamsen <>
;; Maintainer: FSF
;; Keywords: extensions
;; Version: 1.9951
;; X-URL: (probably obsolete)
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -61,8 +59,6 @@
(defgroup widgets nil
"Customization support for the Widget Library."
:link '(custom-manual "(widget)Top")
:link '(url-link :tag "Development Page"
:link '(emacs-library-link :tag "Lisp File" "widget.el")
:prefix "widget-"
:group 'extensions
......@@ -325,9 +321,7 @@ new value."
(help-echo (widget-get widget :help-echo))
(overlay (make-overlay from to nil
nil (or (not widget-field-add-space)
(widget-get widget :size)))))
(unless (or (stringp help-echo) (null help-echo))
(setq help-echo 'widget-mouse-help))
(widget-get widget :size)))))
(widget-put widget :field-overlay overlay)
;;(overlay-put overlay 'detachable nil)
(overlay-put overlay 'field widget)
......@@ -335,7 +329,8 @@ new value."
;;(overlay-put overlay 'keymap map)
(overlay-put overlay 'face face)
;;(overlay-put overlay 'balloon-help help-echo)
(overlay-put overlay 'help-echo help-echo))
(if (stringp help-echo)
(overlay-put overlay 'help-echo help-echo)))
(widget-specify-secret widget))
(defun widget-specify-secret (field)
......@@ -362,26 +357,13 @@ new value."
(help-echo (widget-get widget :help-echo))
(overlay (make-overlay from to nil t nil)))
(widget-put widget :button-overlay overlay)
(unless (or (null help-echo) (stringp help-echo))
(setq help-echo 'widget-mouse-help))
(overlay-put overlay 'button widget)
(overlay-put overlay 'mouse-face widget-mouse-face)
;;(overlay-put overlay 'balloon-help help-echo)
(overlay-put overlay 'help-echo help-echo)
(if (stringp help-echo)
(overlay-put overlay 'help-echo help-echo))
(overlay-put overlay 'face face)))
(defun widget-mouse-help (extent)
"Find mouse help string for button in extent."
(let* ((widget (widget-at (extent-start-position extent)))
(help-echo (and widget (widget-get widget :help-echo))))
(cond ((stringp help-echo)
((and (symbolp help-echo) (fboundp help-echo)
(stringp (setq help-echo (funcall help-echo widget))))
(format "(widget %S :help-echo %S)" widget help-echo)))))
(defun widget-specify-sample (widget from to)
;; Specify sample for WIDGET between FROM and TO.
(let ((face (widget-apply widget :sample-face-get))
......@@ -1350,11 +1332,11 @@ Optional EVENT is the event that triggered the action."
:value-inline 'widget-default-value-inline
:default-get 'widget-default-default-get
:menu-tag-get 'widget-default-menu-tag-get
:validate (lambda (widget) nil)
:validate #'ignore
:active 'widget-default-active
:activate 'widget-specify-active
:deactivate 'widget-default-deactivate
:mouse-down-action (lambda (widget event) nil)
:mouse-down-action #'ignore
:action 'widget-default-action
:notify 'widget-default-notify
:prompt-value 'widget-default-prompt-value)
......@@ -2121,6 +2103,7 @@ when he invoked the menu."
:on-glyph "check1"
:off "[ ]"
:off-glyph "check0"
:help-echo "Toggle this item."
:action 'widget-checkbox-action)
(defun widget-checkbox-action (widget &optional event)
......@@ -3148,13 +3131,16 @@ It will read a directory name from the minibuffer when invoked."
(defun widget-sexp-validate (widget)
;; Valid if we can read the string and there is no junk left after it.
(let ((buffer (set-buffer (get-buffer-create " *Widget Scratch*"))))
(insert (widget-apply widget :value-get))
(goto-char (point-min))
(condition-case data
(let ((value (read buffer)))
(insert (widget-apply widget :value-get))
(goto-char (point-min))
(condition-case data
;; Avoid a confusing end-of-file error.
(skip-syntax-forward "\\s-")
(if (eobp)
(error "Empty sexp -- use `nil'?"))
(let ((value (read (current-buffer))))
(if (eobp)
(if (widget-apply widget :match value)
......@@ -3164,9 +3150,12 @@ It will read a directory name from the minibuffer when invoked."
:error (format "Junk at end of expression: %s"
(buffer-substring (point)
(error (widget-put widget :error (error-message-string data))
(end-of-file ; Avoid confusing error message.
(widget-put widget :error "Unbalanced sexp")
(error (widget-put widget :error (error-message-string data))
(defvar widget-sexp-prompt-value-history nil
"History of input to `widget-sexp-prompt-value'.")
......@@ -3241,9 +3230,7 @@ To use this type, you must define :match or :match-alternatives."
(aref value 0)
:match (lambda (widget value)
(if (fboundp 'characterp)
(characterp value)
(integerp value))))
(char-valid-p value)))
(define-widget 'list 'group
"A Lisp list."
......@@ -3464,9 +3451,11 @@ To use this type, you must define :match or :match-alternatives."
(defun widget-color-complete (widget)
"Complete the color in WIDGET."
(require 'facemenu) ; for facemenu-color-alist
(let* ((prefix (buffer-substring-no-properties (widget-field-start widget)
(list (widget-color-choice-list))
(list (or facemenu-color-alist
(mapcar 'list (defined-colors))))
(completion (try-completion prefix list)))
(cond ((eq completion t)
(message "Exact match."))
......@@ -3490,19 +3479,6 @@ To use this type, you must define :match or :match-alternatives."
(facemenu-get-face symbol)
(error 'default))))
(defvar widget-color-choice-list nil)
;; Variable holding the possible colors.
(defun widget-color-choice-list ()
(unless widget-color-choice-list
(setq widget-color-choice-list
(mapcar '(lambda (color) (list color))
(defvar widget-color-history nil
"History of entered colors")
(defun widget-color-action (widget &optional event)
;; Prompt for a color.
(let* ((tag (widget-apply widget :menu-tag-get))
......@@ -3515,13 +3491,7 @@ To use this type, you must define :match or :match-alternatives."
(length value))
(- (point) start))))
(answer (if (commandp 'read-color)
(read-color prompt)
(completing-read (concat tag ": ")
nil nil
(cons value pos)
(answer (facemenu-read-color prompt)))
(unless (zerop (length answer))
(widget-value-set widget answer)
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