Commit 99f3b856 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-version): New variable.

(gdb-non-stop-handler): Set gdb-version.
(gdb-gud-context-command, gdb-current-context-command, gdb-stopped):
Condition "--thread" option on gdb-version.
(gdb-invalidate-threads): Remove unused argument.
parent 9c1a45ed
......@@ -218,6 +218,7 @@ Emacs can't find.")
(defvar gdb-source-window nil)
(defvar gdb-inferior-status nil)
(defvar gdb-continuation nil)
(defvar gdb-version nil)
(defvar gdb-filter-output nil
"Message to be shown in GUD console.
......@@ -571,9 +572,10 @@ If NOALL is t, always add --thread option no matter what
When `gdb-non-stop' is nil, return COMMAND unchanged."
(if gdb-non-stop
(if (and gdb-gud-control-all-threads
(not noall))
(not noall)
(string-equal gdb-version "7.0+"))
(concat command " --all ")
(gdb-current-context-command command t))
(gdb-current-context-command command))
(defmacro gdb-gud-context-call (cmd1 &optional cmd2 noall noarg)
......@@ -820,7 +822,9 @@ detailed description of this mode.
(if (re-search-forward "No symbol" nil t)
(message "This version of GDB doesn't support non-stop mode. Turning it off.")
(setq gdb-non-stop nil))
(setq gdb-non-stop nil)
(setq gdb-version "pre-7.0"))
(setq gdb-version "7.0+")
(gdb-input (list "-gdb-set target-async 1" 'ignore))
(gdb-input (list "-enable-pretty-printing" 'ignore))))
......@@ -1629,16 +1633,10 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(concat (car item) "\n")))
;; NOFRAME is used for gud execution control commands
(defun gdb-current-context-command (command &optional noframe)
"Add --thread and --frame options to gdb COMMAND.
Option values are taken from `gdb-thread-number' and
`gdb-frame-number'. If `gdb-thread-number' is nil, COMMAND is
returned unchanged. If `gdb-frame-number' is nil of NOFRAME is t,
then no --frame option is added."
;; gdb-frame-number may be nil while gdb-thread-number is non-nil
;; (when current thread is running)
(if gdb-thread-number
(defun gdb-current-context-command (command)
"Add --thread to gdb COMMAND when needed."
(if (and gdb-thread-number
(string-equal gdb-version "7.0+"))
(concat command " --thread " gdb-thread-number)
......@@ -1920,7 +1918,9 @@ current thread and update GDB buffers."
;; thread
(when (not gdb-register-names)
(list (concat "-data-list-register-names --thread " thread-id)
(list (concat "-data-list-register-names"
(if (string-equal gdb-version "7.0+")
(concat" --thread " thread-id)))
;;; Don't set gud-last-frame here as it's currently done in gdb-frame-handler
......@@ -2565,7 +2565,7 @@ corresponding to the mode line clicked."
"Display GDB threads in a new frame.")
gdb-invalidate-threads (gdb-current-context-command "-thread-info" gud-running)
gdb-invalidate-threads (gdb-current-context-command "-thread-info")
gdb-thread-list-handler gdb-thread-list-handler-custom
'(start update update-threads))
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