Commit 9a1d32e7 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(version): Define to empty.

(ALL_CFLAGS, LIBES): Edit out @FOO@ stuff.
(EXEEXT): Define to .exe.  Edit "ln -f" into "cp -pf".  Edit "touch" into
"djecho $@ >", to avoid requiring touch.exe.
(b-emacs${EXEEXT}): Don't remove emacs.exe and temacs.exe.  Edit "`/bin/pwd`/"
into "./".  Stubify emacs after it is dumped, to produce emacs.exe.  Stubedit
temacs.exe to 1024K of stack, emacs.exe to 2048K, and b-emacs.exe to 3072K.
parent d945fac6
......@@ -21,8 +21,11 @@ s/^[ \f\t][ \f\t]*$//
s/^ / /
stubedit temacs.exe minstack=100k
stubedit temacs.exe minstack=1024k
/^ LC_ALL=C.*\$(RUN_TEMACS)/s/LC_ALL=C/set &;/
/-batch -l loadup/a\
stubify emacs\
stubedit emacs.exe minstack=2048k
/^MAKE *=/s/^/# /
/^SHELL *=/s/^/# /
/^srcdir *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/./
......@@ -30,16 +33,21 @@ s/\.h\.in/.h-in/
/^CC *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/gcc/
/^CPP *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/gcc -e/
/^CFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/-O2 -gcoff/
/^ALL_CFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//g
/^CPPFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//
/^LDFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//
/^LIBS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//
/^LIBES *=/,/^ *$/ {
/^LIBOBJS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/getloadavg.o/
/^GETLOADAVG_LIBS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//
/^EXEEXT *=/s/@EXEEXT@//
/^EXEEXT *=/s/@EXEEXT@/.exe/
/^version *=/s/@[^@\n]*@//
/^LN_S *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/ln -s/
/^M_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]*@!m/intel386.h!
/^S_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]*@!s/msdos.h!
......@@ -49,23 +57,24 @@ s/\.h\.in/.h-in/
/^[ ]*$/d
/^RUN_TEMACS *=/s|`/bin/pwd`|.|
/^ mv \.\/\.gdbinit/d
/^ if test -f/c\ /c if exist .gdbinit rm -f _gdbinit
/^ else mv \.\/\.gdbinit/d
/^ #/d
/^ cd.*make-docfile/s!$!; cd ${dot}${dot}/src!
/^ @: /d
/^ -\{0,1\}ln -/s/ln -f/cp -pf/
/^[ ]touch /s/touch/djecho $@ >/
/rm -f bootstrap-emacs/s/b-emacs/b-emacs b-emacs.exe/
/^ els=/c\
${libsrc}make-docfile -o ${etc}DOC -d ${srcdir} ${SOME_MACHINE_LISP:.elc=.el} ${shortlisp:.elc=.el} ${SOME_MACHINE_OBJECTS} ${obj}
/^ mv -f emacs/a\
stubify b-emacs\
stubedit b-emacs.exe minstack=1024k\
rm -f emacs.exe temacs.exe emacs
/^ rm -f/s/\\#/#/
stubedit b-emacs.exe minstack=3072k
/^ -\{0,1\}rm -f/s/\\#/#/
/^ @\{0,1\}cd ..\/lisp; /s|$|\; cd ../src|
# arch-tag: c7e3aacb-4162-460e-99f9-4252bca68d2c
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