Commit 9a2fe7b2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-resend): Use user-mail-address.

parent 249443b6
......@@ -2636,15 +2636,14 @@ ADDRESSES should be a single address, a string consisting of several
addresses separated by commas, or a list of addresses.
Optional FROM is the address to resend the message from, and
defaults to the username of the person redistributing the message.
Optional COMMENT is a string that will be inserted as a comment in the
resent message.
defaults from the value of `user-mail-address'.
Optional COMMENT is a string to insert as a comment in the resent message.
Optional ALIAS-FILE is alternate aliases file to be used by sendmail,
typically for purposes of moderating a list."
(interactive "sResend to: ")
(require 'sendmail)
(require 'mailalias)
(if (not from) (setq from (user-login-name)))
(if (not from) (setq from user-mail-address))
(let ((tembuf (generate-new-buffer " sendmail temp"))
(mail-header-separator "")
(case-fold-search nil)
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