Optimize byte-compilation of proper-list-p

For discussion, see thread starting at:
* lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el: Optimize proper-list-p as a
* lisp/subr.el: Mark proper-list-p as pure, and side-effect and
error free.
parent 6dc4c722
......@@ -879,7 +879,8 @@
(put 'symbolp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'stringp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'string< 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'string-lessp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'string-lessp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'proper-list-p 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'logand 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'logior 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
......@@ -604,6 +604,11 @@ If N is omitted or nil, remove the last element."
(if (> n 0) (setcdr (nthcdr (- (1- m) n) list) nil))
;; The function's definition was moved to fns.c,
;; but it's easier to set properties here.
(put 'proper-list-p 'pure t)
(put 'proper-list-p 'side-effect-free 'error-free)
(defun delete-dups (list)
"Destructively remove `equal' duplicates from LIST.
Store the result in LIST and return it. LIST must be a proper list.
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