Commit 9a6f3ca5 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(url, url-file, url-cache, url-mime, url-hairy): Finish `defgroup' description

with period.
parent 6a2f8c56
......@@ -29,28 +29,28 @@
"Version number of URL package.")
(defgroup url nil
"Uniform Resource Locator tool"
"Uniform Resource Locator tool."
:version "22.1"
:group 'hypermedia)
(defgroup url-file nil
"URL storage"
"URL storage."
:prefix "url-"
:group 'url)
(defgroup url-cache nil
"URL cache"
"URL cache."
:prefix "url-"
:prefix "url-cache-"
:group 'url)
(defgroup url-mime nil
"MIME options of URL"
"MIME options of URL."
:prefix "url-"
:group 'url)
(defgroup url-hairy nil
"Hairy options of URL"
"Hairy options of URL."
:prefix "url-"
:group 'url)
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