Commit 9a79e9ae authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dired-shell-stuff-it): Use shell-quote-argument.

(dired-shell-quote): Function deleted.
parent e0c0ed58
......@@ -292,18 +292,6 @@ with a prefix argument."
(insert dired-del-marker)))))
;;; Shell commands
;;>>> install (move this function into simple.el)
(defun dired-shell-quote (filename)
"Quote a file name for inferior shell (see variable `shell-file-name')."
;; Quote everything except POSIX filename characters.
;; This should be safe enough even for really weird shells.
(let ((result "") (start 0) end)
(while (string-match "[^-0-9a-zA-Z_./]" filename start)
(setq end (match-beginning 0)
result (concat result (substring filename start end)
"\\" (substring filename end (1+ end)))
start (1+ end)))
(concat result (substring filename start))))
(defun dired-read-shell-command (prompt arg files)
;; "Read a dired shell command prompting with PROMPT (using read-string).
......@@ -387,8 +375,8 @@ output files usually are created there instead of in a subdir."
(dired-replace-in-string "\\*" x command)))
(function (lambda (x) (concat command " " x))))))
(if on-each
(mapconcat stuff-it (mapcar 'dired-shell-quote file-list) ";")
(let ((fns (mapconcat 'dired-shell-quote
(mapconcat stuff-it (mapcar 'shell-quote-argument file-list) ";")
(let ((fns (mapconcat 'shell-quote-argument
file-list dired-mark-separator)))
(if (> (length file-list) 1)
(setq fns (concat dired-mark-prefix fns dired-mark-postfix)))
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