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* admin/notes/bzr: Add an idiot's guide to merging between branches.

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......@@ -38,3 +38,32 @@ Or use shelves; or rebase; or do something else. See the thread for
yet another fun excursion into the exciting world of version control.
* How to merge changes from emacs-23 to trunk
The following description uses bound branches, presumably it works in
a similar way with unbound ones.
1) Get clean, up-to-date copies of the emacs-23 and trunk branches.
Check for any uncommitted changes with bzr status.
2) M-x cd /path/to/trunk
3) load admin/bzrmerge.el
4) M-x bzrmerge RET /path/to/emacs-23 RET
It will prompt about revisions that should be skipped, based on the
regexp in bzrmerge-missing. If there are more revisions that you know
need skipping, you'll have to do that by hand.
5) It will stop if there are any conflicts. Resolve them.
Using smerge-mode, there are menu items to skip to the next conflict,
and to take either the trunk, branch, or both copies.
6) After resolving all conflicts, you might need to run the command
again if there are more revisions still to merge.
You can commit either before you do this (eg if you had a lot of
conflicts to resolve and don't want to get confused), or refrain from
committing until bzrmerge has merged all revisions.
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