Commit 9ac425d1 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(parse_menu_item): For top level of menu bar,

accept ordinary commands, and treat them just like a keymap.
parent b5174a51
......@@ -6017,14 +6017,18 @@ parse_menu_item (item, notreal, inmenubar)
/* See if this is a separate pane or a submenu. */
def = XVECTOR (item_properties)->contents[ITEM_PROPERTY_DEF];
tem = get_keymap_1 (def, 0, 1);
/* For a subkeymap, just record its details and exit. */
if (!NILP (tem))
XVECTOR (item_properties)->contents[ITEM_PROPERTY_MAP] = tem;
XVECTOR (item_properties)->contents[ITEM_PROPERTY_DEF] = tem;
return 1;
else if (inmenubar > 0)
return 0; /* Entries in menu bar must be submenus. */
/* At the top level in the menu bar, do likewise for commands also.
The menu bar does not display equivalent key bindings anyway.
ITEM_PROPERTY_DEF is already set up properly. */
if (inmenubar > 0)
return 1;
/* This is a command. See if there is an equivalent key binding. */
if (NILP (cachelist))
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