Commit 9ac57479 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(grep-command, grep-use-null-device)

(grep-find-command, grep-tree-command, grep-tree-files-aliases)
(grep-tree-ignore-case, grep-tree-ignore-CVS-directories)
(grep-regexp-alist, grep-program, find-program)
(grep-find-use-xargs, grep-history, grep-find-history)
(grep-process-setup, grep-compute-defaults)
(grep-default-command, grep, grep-tag-default, grep-find)
(grep-expand-command-macros, grep-tree-last-regexp)
(grep-tree-last-files, grep-tree): Move grep variables, functions
and commands to new file grep.el.
(compilation-mode-map): Remove grep commands from Compile sub-menu.

(compilation-process-setup-function): Doc fix.
(compilation-highlight-regexp, compilation-highlight-overlay): New
defvars used for highlighting current compile error in source buffer.
(compile-internal): New optional args HIGHLIGHT-REGEXP and
LOCAL-MAP which overrides compilation-highlight-regexp and
compilation-mode-map for this compilation.
Delay calling compilation-set-window-height until after running
compilation-process-setup-function so it can buffer-local override
Check buffer-local value of compilation-scroll-output.
(compilation-set-window-height): Use buffer-local value of
(compilation-revert-buffer): Don't pass (undefined)
preserve-modes arg to revert-buffer.
(next-error-no-select, previous-error-no-select): New commands.
(compilation-goto-locus): Temporarily highlight current match in
source buffer using compilation-highlight-regexp.
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