Commit 9ac8c83b authored by Lars Hansen's avatar Lars Hansen
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Add plans for change of file attributes UID and GID from integer to string.

parent cb8a2fd8
......@@ -281,4 +281,12 @@ Other features we would like:
* (Controlled by a flag) make open and close syntax match exactly,
i.e. `(' doesn't match `]'.
* Specify parameter ID-FORMAT in all calls to `file-attributes' and
`directory-files-and-attributes' where attributes UID or GID are used.
Whenever possible, use value 'string.
When done, change meaning of default value from 'integer to 'string.
If value 'integer is used nowhere, remove the parameter ID-FORMAT from
the definition of `file-attributes' and `directory-files-and-attributes'
and from the calls.
;;; arch-tag: b0a3e40b-726a-457d-9999-ba848321b036
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