Commit 9aeb39fa authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(SOME_MACHINE_LISP): Add disp-table.elc,

dos-vars.elc, ccl.elc, and codepage.elc, all loaded by the ms-dos
(MSDOS_SUPPORT): Add dos-vars.elc, ccl.elc, and codepage.elc.
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......@@ -620,7 +620,9 @@ otherobj= $(termcapobj) lastfile.o $(mallocobj) $(allocaobj) $(widgetobj) $(LIBO
#ifdef MSDOS
#define MSDOS_SUPPORT ${lispsource}ls-lisp.elc ${lispsource}disp-table.elc \
${lispsource}dos-fns.elc ${lispsource}dos-w32.elc
${lispsource}dos-fns.elc ${lispsource}dos-w32.elc ${lispsource}dos-vars.elc \
${lispsource}international/ccl.elc ${lispsource}international/codepage.elc
......@@ -787,7 +789,10 @@ SOME_MACHINE_LISP = ${dotdot}/lisp/menu-bar.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/mouse.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/select.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/scroll-bar.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/vmsproc.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/vms-patch.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/ls-lisp.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/dos-fns.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/w32-fns.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/dos-w32.elc
${dotdot}/lisp/w32-fns.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/dos-w32.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/disp-table.elc ${dotdot}/lisp/dos-vars.elc \
${dotdot}/lisp/international/ccl.elc \
/* Construct full set of libraries to be linked.
Note that SunOS needs -lm to come before -lc; otherwise, you get
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